"White Water Rafting with Extreme Green Rafting in Queenstown, New Zealand's Adventure Capital!"

Extreme Green Rafting is the longest established year round white water rafting operator and a flagship of the Queenstown tourism industry.

The Shotover River

The Shotover River gained prominence in the 1860’s as one of the world’s most lucrative gold bearing rivers. Today it is best known as a playground for adventurers who want to challenge nature. The Extreme Green Rafting Shotover trip takes up that challenge, guiding passengers into an environment of extremes.

Cascade Rapid

The Kawarau River

The Extreme Green Rafting Kawarau River expedition is an environmental adventure combining the challenge of wild water with stunning scenery. The Kawarau is New Zealand’s largest commercially rafted river earning it an international reputation for white water thrills.
Flowing through the rugged Kawarau Gorge and overlooked by the extensive Chard Farm and Gibbston Valley wineries, it is a constantly changing mix of calm, gentle waters and boiling rapids.

Ready for Dog Leg - Qtn Rafting

Combo Trips

Extreme Green Rafting have a number of combination packages that offer value for money and are easy to use. We offer the same price for Combos featuring white water rafting on either the Shotover or the Kawarau Rivers.A unique feature of the Extreme Green Rafting combos is that any activity can be done at any time. For example, should you want to raft in the morning, but do the Jet boating sometime the next day, our combinations can make that happen.